Saturday, November 28, 2009

seven things, now with pictures!

I have had an incredible (+stressful, expensive, tiring) few weeks and today is the first day in a long while I've had to myself. So hey there blog! My lovely fellow Canberran Velveteen tagged me recently to write up seven things about me so here goes.

1) I have one more year to go at university, completing a Journalism/Arts degree. Next year we're being offered internships which is pretty exciting. I'll need to post some written work here in order to qualify for the ones I want though (pick me, Sydney Morning Herald!). Really I just can't wait to work for a decent arts publication and work my way up. (That was more than one thing wasn't it ... okay shorter ones from now)

2) Despite the 40 degree heat, I bought a Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony sweater from Incu two weekends ago (the orange/giraffe print one if you're wondering, I'll post about it when the weather approves). It's heavy and luxuriously soft and amazing.

3) I can't wait for anything Christmas related (the shopping, the presents, the alcohol, the company or the hangover).

4) I'm possibly traveling early next year as a birthday present from my Mum :]

5) Currently tossing up between a few new fragrances for summer (sigh, I'll probably end up buying all of them ... it's practically Sophie's Choice); Flora by Gucci, Parisienne by YSL, Lola by Marc Jacobs or Nina by Nina Ricci.

6) I have about nine books I would like to finish before the end of the year but I'm an impossibly slow reader. Must take a speed reading class.

7) Thinking of Daul Kim makes me incredibly sad.

And on that positive note, here are a few photos from my recent adventures. I spent some time in Melbourne, came back home, then went to Sydney, home again, back to Sydney once more and then home. I saw Tori Amos four times, Britney Spears (and my Dad) once and spent way too much money on clothes, booze and delicious food.


  1. lush and starbucks are a great combo!

  2. That fruit looks delish & I love that you met Ms Amos. & that top? ♥♥♥

    It's fab that you're a budding journo, I graduated 3 years ago now AND I just purchased Lola by Marc Jacobs. The bottle won me over :)