Wednesday, July 8, 2009

she's cracked

My favourite of favourite designers, Miss Karen Walker (obviously sharing a name with Will & Grace's funniest character is beneficial too) is releasing her FW09 collection very very soon and I am very very (very!) excited. To my knowledge, the collection is being released sometime this month through a few Australian online stores and I'm thinking of pre-ordering because if they sell out before I get my hot little hands on them, I will probably burst into tears and refuse to leave the house until they are restocked.

The theme of the collection shown in February was "She's Cracked", using the broken strand of pearls motif and a shattered chinaware type motif. I love pretty much everything this woman sent out on the runway. The ones even without the motifs were effortless, casual yet put together. And she has the best eye for colours.

I'm hoping to buy this dress:

Or maybe just the long sleeved shirt version of it, I think one of the online stores has it with draped sleeves? And there's also a ruched grey skirt available too, one that wasn't in the runway show but adorable nonetheless.

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  1. lol i've so budgeted for that dress too. twins. its actually the cutest thing alive.

    slash the harry potter movie announcer dude on win is putting on this stupid accent and its really annoying.