Saturday, January 30, 2010


[backstage photos from Gaultier couture ss10]
Danny Devito Jean-Paul Gaultier I love your work!

Monday, January 25, 2010

monday links

- One of the coolest things I have seen in a while, NewsCred allows you to create your very own newspaper online. I haven't tried it out yet but (speaking as a Journalism student) what a fantastic idea!

- A really great article at the Slant Magazine website discussing three cult television shows, their impact, themes, and how well they represented their respective audiences, here.

- I've been completely addicted to Life Hacker lately, scrolling back through countless entries on every topic imaginable. The stubs on this site are unpreachy, straight to the point, and very helpful. It takes a bit of wading through to find topics that concern or interest you, but it's well worthwhile; I've found an ton of useful links on everything from food to Firefox.

- A very cute Diagram of Geek Culture that I think makes a lot of people feel slightly better about the extent of their geekiness. I mean, I feel pretty great about not being a fan of pie charts or space pirates ...

[image from the Prada ss10 lookbook]

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

favourite photographers vol III: camilla åkrans

This woman takes some of the most stunning fashion photographs I have ever seen. I love how feminine and muted everything is; she's like a tamer, slightly less cartoony equivalent of Mert &Marcus. Her work is sometimes quirky, sometimes a little too samey but always beautiful to look at.

Monday, January 4, 2010

so this is the new year

Happy 2010! One of my New Year's Resolutions is to be more proactive, and despite that, I've been meaning to post all this stuff for the past two weeks. Stupid resolutions not resolving themselves.

The festive season this time around has been pretty fantastic. I had a three day boozefest (if you have never had a Moscow Mule cocktail, you are really missing out) in Sydney with family for Christmas, catch-ups and movies with my newly-back-from-overseas bestie, and lots of relaxing days at home decluttering, making lists and detoxing my poor unhealthy body. The only let-down I guess would have to be New Year's Eve where it just didn't really happen for us, so we went home after eating burritos and pizza at about 1 in the morning. In two ways it was a positive, though; (1) We realised that spending NYE out is almost always a dud (2) My first day of 2010 was spent practically hangoverless. Silver lining etc etc.

Anyhow. I've spent a bit of time tweaking the layout/header on the blog because I can never shake that 'new year = new everything' itch. I also deleted a few older posts because they were crappy, and I wanted to extend the aforementioned itch to the blog in that I think I need to stop treating it like a tumblr account, and (try to) have more original content. It'll be good practice for writing jobs in the future at the very least.

I also need to work on segways (who am I, Naomi Robson!?). Now onto my favourite part of this time of year: PRESENTS.

Some of these I bought for myself but whatever. In 2009 I read 22 books and I'm trying to read at least 30 this year, starting with these (Fun fact: I gave Tori Amos a copy of the Greer book when I met her in Sydney).

I have spent the past few days drowning in Lush products, this face mask being my most recent and successful purchase. Flora is just beautiful, and the Bulgari haircare prodcuts are green-tea-scented and divine.

One of my presents was a double bed (I'm all grown up). My two cocker spaniels like it even more than I do.

Cropped jacket from Sportsgirl and dark green Jil Sander V-neck.

I also brought home some old clothes and jewellery from my Aunt who I stayed with, plus bags of little presents from family and others (you know, the kind of stuff you keep in a drawer). All in all, some excellent loot. Not a bad way to end a not-very-eventful year. Eventful in the sense that something terrible happened, followed quickly by something amazing; my 2009 was fairly constant. Seeing as I pretty much thrive on drama (good and bad), here's hoping 2010 gives me a bit more of a rollercoaster. There are a few things I have lined up already that I'm very excited about:
- Going to Europe and Turkey in March/April.
- My twenty first birthday.
- Journalism internship.
- Completing my Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Journalism (!!).
- Going to France in December as a Graduation gift with my bestie.

Cheers to the New Year and the (temporary) motivation it brings.