Wednesday, September 30, 2009

les amants

thisisapastiche presents: milan fashion week blooper reel

Yep, there were some great ones in Milan.
It's possible that Paris may be so amazing that a blooper reel isn't required. Let's wait and see.

prada ss10

Aside from god-awful 90s plastic shoes and picking Lindsey to open (with that makeup! Are you joking? As if her lips need that shade of red to garner any attention), this was pretty much to die for. There was futuristic, there was feminine and above all there was flair. The whole show presents an image for a frosty cool summer, with greys and silvers mixed with iridescent brights. Ignoring the hideous jackets and fugly tanks over (adorable) bloomers, I love it. And I'd kill to see all of the embellishments up close, holy shit.

jil sander ss10

Raf is an understated genius. That is all.

fendi ss10

Dreamy, girly, chic. The good looks at least. This is the kind of show where the highs are high but the lows are six feet under. The shoes were a bit much for the most part and rarely matched the outfit that they were paired with. And some looks were leaning towards really edgy territory; these all ended up fairly disastrous. I mean, pretty much all the black looks were so very obviously trying to attract a new market that they failed to be half decent. However, the goods WERE good, and boy were some of them stunning.

albino ss10

Such fabulous styling here. I LOVE the shoes and the oversized sunglasses, it's all divine. As for the clothes, I love the contrast between the flowing floral pieces (some really really beautiful prints, just not to be used for pyjamas, lol) and structured safari jackets. The progression to black is also great, mostly because the coherence is still there. You can see that D'Amato is really playing with structure and draping, sometimes separately and sometimes together, almost all very successfully.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

one wall painted yellow for calm

And should there be a fire, we simply go out
this door to the left
up the stairs and out the door you came in, but
if for some reason
that door is blocked then don't worry we go back
along the hallway
and then down to the end where another door
swings through to the street.
Where we can meet and I'll be holding this list
of all your names to
check off against you and everything's fine, yeah?
Breathe out. Consider
simply that your hither-to cold, doubt riddled
has gained a sudden cosiness. Oh I am
cognisant of course
you're not here by choice. Some of you might think
that you have other
things-to-do or lives-to-lead - that's natural and
all I can say is
it will pass. I know you're probably thinking
I'm just some geezer
who'd be like totally unemployed, if not
for the unemployed -
so we're all in this together. I always say,
we are each of us
individuals, to whom anything can happen.
Last week I had a chap
determined to be an Ambassador and
spoke six languages.
I said cool, you follow your dream. Only bear
in mind that dreams can
bend like starlight. Then a tailor rang me up,
quite sorely in need
of an apprentice and located quite near
where Pete lived. I thought,
I'll just offer it to him on the offchance.
And off like a shot,
he was working the very next day. Just being
in this room he found
himself a life. It's the life's the thing - the dream's
mere vapour waiting
to be coughed into any shape. I know this
room isn't pleasant
- someone said it's like being in hospital! -
but think of these walls
as holding your chances up. It's ok to
yawn. Standing up here
I can't get a true sense of the temperature ;
please sing if too hot.
And when you leave it's natural for me to say
'see you tomorrow'
or 'have a good weekend' but - and I do mean
this in a good way -
I hope you find what's looking for you, and the
future will take you
with swift undeniable closure. I won't say
see you tomorrow.

- Petra White

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

thisisapastiche presents: london fashion week blooper reel

(In order: Pure fug, ten year old stripper, unflattering as hell, lolworthy from the socks to the pointy bra)

I don't have as many funny runway pictures to share this time, partly because I have been super busy this past week, and partly because most of the collections bored me to tears (or upset me to tears because GOD there were some shockers, I'm looking at you, Jeremy Scott) and I couldn't be bothered looking through the rest of the show photos. Next: Milan. If nothing else, Prada will serve up something fabulous. Let's do it.

charles anastase ss10

God how I love this man. This whole show was such a great display of what can come of length and proportion manipulation! I mean, there were definitely some weak, almost boring looks in there, and the makeup was pretty awful but overall, big fat ily. This kind of conceptual art is what makes me really inspired. Plus look at the genius mix of materials. Gah! I'm going to go ahead and write "Mrs Katie Anastase" on each page of my diary ...

christopher kane ss10

Okay, I know this gorgeous man likes to run with a motif, but this just felt too damn samey. Not to say that I didn't like the collection, it's just hard not to be critical when everything leading up to this point has been pretty fantastic (Sadly this seems to be a recurring theme so far for the fashion weeks). Anyway. There are some really beautiful pieces here (the kind of things that you'd really need to see and touch in real life) but with most dresses and skirts being cut the exact same way and the gingham being used similarly in each piece, it was disappointing. What is going on!?

luella ss10

So the Luella girl has gone demure. There are still bows in hair and playful accessories, but now she looks aged (I think this is a bad attempt at showing wisdom). A lot of the looks were down this road to the point of looking really dowdy and middle-aged, and Bartley shouldn't stray too far from the young market because that's where all her success comes from. And what the hell is with all the coats? It's a spring/summer collection guys. Idk. I'm a little disillusioned. Some looks are truly bad (like the furry pink dress) and only the dresses with the typical cutesy Luella cut and print catch my eye. Please go back to the gorgeousness of two/three seasons ago Miss Bartley!

mark fast ss10

This collection was a nice mix of ruggedness and class. And good on him for using average sized models for some of the looks; those dresses in particular were great because they were filled with bodies that suited them. Everyone knows waif types can make anything look half decent, but this really made a great point. And not in a publicity stunt kind of way. Things I didn't like: some of the ruffles looked ridiculous in a stupid twelve year old way, and the shoes were kind of fug. But whatever, it's obvious that this guy is super talented.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

why i love joss whedon

So, why do you create these strong women characters?
Cause they’re hot.

But, these strong women characters…
Why are you even asking me this?! This is like interview number 50 in a row. How is it possible that this is even a question? Honestly, seriously, why are you -- why did you write that down? Why do you -- Why aren’t you asking a hundred other guys why they don’t write strong women characters? I believe that what I am doing should not be remarked upon, let alone honored and there are other people doing it. But, seriously, this question is ridiculous and you just gotta stop.

So, why do you write these strong women characters?
Because equality is not a concept. It’s not something we should be striving for. It’s a necessity. Equality is like gravity, we need it to stand on this earth as men and women, and the misogyny that is in every culture is not a true part of the human condition. It is life out of balance and that imbalance is sucking something out of the soul of every man and women who’s confronted with it. We need equality, kinda now.

So, why do you write these strong female characters?
Because you’re still asking me that question.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

thisisapastiche presents: new york fashion week blooper reel

Actual lol at all of these photos (and many more that I can't be bothered uploading). Some look pregnant, some look out of their minds and some look trannylicious. Oh and Coco (first picture) just looks like a tragic frump. So good.

New York Fashion Week is over, now onto London. Overall I wish that some of my favourites had picked up their game (Julian Louie, Koi Suwannagate), or that talented people weren't all over the shop (Marc Jacobs) or that collections weren't the same dress thirty ways (Rodarte). And my gorgeous Georgina isn't making an appearance this season (going back to uni or something according to TFS), so I just want to cry slash find a replacement Serbian favourite model. Sigh. Looking forward to Kane, Anastase and Goot in London.