Saturday, September 12, 2009

davidelfin ss10

OMG. I loved this damn show. The initial David Bowie look of Eleonora Bose + the "get confused" theme + the progression of colours just killed me, even looking at the thumbnails before seeing the slideshow. I love the sheen of these suits, and the obvious androgyny being not tacky or outlandish but just sort of there if you want it to be. The shirts made me think of the beautiful Arnsdorf SS10 collection with all the pretty button-ups and how much I want one. On the other hand, some of the girls' looks were a bit dowdy, and most of the draped looks (dresses and skirts) were unnecessary and a big weak point. That said I am all over this shit like a rash, and it's the kind of thing that places like Helsinki will eat up too.

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