Saturday, September 19, 2009

thisisapastiche presents: new york fashion week blooper reel

Actual lol at all of these photos (and many more that I can't be bothered uploading). Some look pregnant, some look out of their minds and some look trannylicious. Oh and Coco (first picture) just looks like a tragic frump. So good.

New York Fashion Week is over, now onto London. Overall I wish that some of my favourites had picked up their game (Julian Louie, Koi Suwannagate), or that talented people weren't all over the shop (Marc Jacobs) or that collections weren't the same dress thirty ways (Rodarte). And my gorgeous Georgina isn't making an appearance this season (going back to uni or something according to TFS), so I just want to cry slash find a replacement Serbian favourite model. Sigh. Looking forward to Kane, Anastase and Goot in London.

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