Thursday, August 6, 2009

no pearl necklace jokes plz

It was my birthday yesterday so I now am twenty years of age! Bye bye adolescence; I know I did you as you are supposed to be done.

Also: yes, this is a PhotoBooth photo taken at the university library. I hope the people sitting near me thought I was the vainest person alive. However I took this SOLELY to document this amazing birthday present from my best friend. It's the Karen Walker top I mentioned a while back. I love it so much, she is the best and I'm not just saying that because she reads this.

Also also: I am like disgustingly sick (this photo must have been taken before I started blowing my nose excessively and scoffing Cold &Flu tablets like a maniac) so I have no productivity in me at all. Readings are piling up and I'm sitting there sounding like a hoarse transvestite without having done any work, thus being completely clueless in every class. Sigh. And this weekend won't help in the healing since we're going out for a birthday dinner (read: getting messy in a restaurant) on Saturday. You bet I've factored a day-long hangover into my Sunday. And tomorrow morning I need to wake up early and buy a ticket for the recently announced second Melbourne Tori Amos show. I mean, I need at least ONE of the handful of shows where I'm within arms' reach of her. Not loving this 'Row R' shit that I've got for the Opera House show or wherever. Anyway. I think because of my debilitating cold I'll come straight home to bed tomorrow, and spend the day much like I am spending the second half of tonight; lemon ginger tea, maybe a movie, tissues at the ready, leftover birthday cake/chocolates and little to no movement. Fingers crossed this is what the entirety of my twenties is like as well.


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