Saturday, October 10, 2009

viktor & rolf ss10

Conceptual masters + Roisin Murphy = something you pretty much can't argue with.
I'm kind of torn on this collection; there was a LOT of ugliness, but the concept is what keeps me completely in love with it. Even though a lot of looks fall short of what they were going for, these will all look amazing in editorials and get a lot of attention regardless.

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  1. Hey you, how goes it?
    How amazing was this collection?! I was obsessed for five minutes.
    Just had a big ol' stalk of yr (amlost) entire blog, it was captivating.
    I am re-dabbling in the world of blog over the summer I have decided, to keep from losing my mind in the heat/boredom. Hence I will sound like a massive douche for the first couple of months. (I havent touched this sort of thing since livejournal in year ten, ha.)
    x Nicola