Monday, May 3, 2010

monday links

Only a couple today because I'm trying to be somewhat productive. This week is pretty much going to kill me. I have a shitload of journalism assignments to get on with, plus on Friday I am having a monster day in Sydney. I won tickets through Oyster to a Fashion Week show (Garth Cook) and later that night I'm seeing Tegan and Sara at Luna Park. If I wasn't so frazzled with stress, I'd be peeing myself with excitement.

- A politics article I wrote for uni was published on our Journalism School website. I usually do pretty average on news stories because I'm more of a feature writer, so it's nice to be recognised for not being completely hopeless at hard news.

- What the Fuck Should I Make for Dinner? pretty much speaks for itself/is brilliant.

- Keep up to date with Australian Fashion Week here on Twitter. I love all the twitpics being posted from the shows!

[image from the Madonna episode of Glee]

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  1. lol how amazing is wtf should i make for dinner