Monday, June 7, 2010

monday links

- A fantastic new food and fashion blog, Pumps and Rye. They have such a considered aesthetic, and some pretty amazing shoe choices.

- Green olive, walnut and pomegranate salad, a salad you could in fact win friends with. Hands down one of the most interesting and delicious things I have ever eaten. I had it with fried haloumi on the side too, also incredibly delicious.

- DIY Miu Miu collar. Pretty amazing.

- An interesting article from the Wall Street Journal which addresses a very interesting and pertinent question, Does the Internet make you smarter?

- My favourite of all favourite Buffy-related internet posts, The colours of BtVS.

- Also Buffy related, new blog The Whedoning tracks a fellow Whedonophile's rewatch of all Joss' shows consecutively. Hating myself for not thinking of this idea sooner!

[image from the new Givenchy campaign - so stunning]

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  1. Thanks for the link to the Whedoning. I'm sure in a couple months when I'm falling behind, I'll be hating myself because I DID think of it! Hope you enjoy following along.