Monday, August 9, 2010

monday links: i'm old edition

- A great little video turning the "She was asking for it" idea on its head, here.

- The Sims Medieval Announced! Very exciting news for this Sims fan who can't find her Sims 3 disc. Can this be released, like, tomorrow? Please?

- An interesting article looking at the negative sides of Mad Men's treatment of female characters, here. Not sure how much I agree with these points but it's good to see some variety in what's written about Mad Men (ie: an article that is not wholly focused on Christina Hendricks' body).

- Another fantastic political ad from Get Up!, here.

- Hooray! Next year's Moleskines are available now. So keen to unwrap a fresh moley and get started on filling every page with lists and collages. Ugh, obsessed.

[image is a Polaroid of me, rather unattractively, blowing out my birthday candles at my 21st a few days ago]

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