Saturday, February 6, 2010

dare to be one of us girl

Let me start by saying that I hold only glimmers of patriotism for Australian culture (a Hungarian mother and years of French education will do that to you; it's all about Europe for me). However Australian magazines have been putting up a good fight lately - Russh and Vogue in particular. Covers are getting stronger, the editorials are getting more widespread attention, Australian models are getting bigger and bigger (Abbey Lee in particular is huge at the moment, other mentions go to Samantha Harris and Rachel Rutt), and thinking about it all recently gave me a tingle of pride in having such great work come out of this country. I hope to be a part of it one day soon.

On a side note - the brights trend is everywhere at the moment, and the way it's being presented in these magazines is turning even my head. Despite being in 'hurry up winter!' mode, I find myself being attracted by this aesthetic. Bold, bright, sports/swimwear ... all of it is coherent and appealing in a visual way that I don't completely understand.

I've also become fascinated (read: jealous of) by visual thinkers lately, and I've been doing a lot of reading on design and related theory. Unfortunately I'm unable to take a class in that area this coming semester, but I do have a class that is going to touch on sub-editing and design at some point so I'm really looking forward to it.

Happy weekend! I'm going to make vegetable soup tonight, lounge around in extra cosy pyjamas after this incredibly long week, hopefully finish a couple of books, and see Precious at the movies tomorrow.

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  1. Did you like precious? I thought it was brilliant. Left me feeling pretty happy with my own little lot i must admit.
    Really digging the scuba/brights trend, i was such a huge fan of the latest proenza show... but i hate tight clothing on myself. Its just not comfortable for me.
    Baggy wetsuits? Nope.
    I'm also all about bringing on winter. Fucking hate this humid heat.