Tuesday, February 9, 2010

monday links (on a tuesday night)

- One of the funniest sites in the vein of FMyLife, Sorry I Missed Your Party etc, Unhappy Hipsters.

- A look at what Monopoly is doing for its 75th birthday, here.

- The Print Society, a place to find a great range of artists' work on display (and for sale too!). Plus the layout is killer.

- A very interesting (though not exactly recent) interview with photographer Juergen Teller on his craft, and the philosophy he holds, here.

- E-waste, a photographic series showing a side of technology that I've frankly never thought about. This series is appealing both intellectually and visually.

[image of Lady GaGa's performance at the Grammy's]

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  1. I like those sites, also www.pleasedontforward.com and failbook