Sunday, February 28, 2010

monday links (early!)

- A fantastic article on the history of technology and its social effects, here.

- Who ever thought you'd be able to deconstruct a toaster? Wow.

- Fashion Notebook; a set of beautiful scrapbook pages on Flickr using pages torn out of fashion magazines. Some of these pages have such amazing colour schemes. Things like this make me wish I had more time for my scrapbook Moleskine.

- Gender bending some of the great thinkers, artists and leaders here. Why not?

- Beautiful iPhone and iPod cases here.

- And what I think is the most important link, Collective Shout. Everyone should take a good look at this site, I think it's a really great initiative battling a increasing problem facing all females. If you're in Australia, you may have already heard about it (Melinda Tankard Reist has been doing a lot of press lately), and I recommend signing up to the site for access to a selection of blogs, videos and outside links on all kinds of relevant material. Also check out Melinda's website here, and another of my favourite female activists/writers, Virginia Haussegger's blog here.

[image from Bjork's Hyperballad videoclip]

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