Monday, March 1, 2010

marc jacobs fw10

It's collections like this one that keep my mind interested in fashion, in that they make me want to know more and more about the industry and design concepts. I think that some designers require more work on the audience's part than others in order to really "get" what they put out there - not just making kneejerk aesthetic judgements. When it comes to Marc Jacobs, I'm getting there; I think I'm about halfway. Anyhow, on to the actual collection. There's an interesting mix here; texturally with everything from knits to fur to thick embellishments, and also more broadly in terms of the clothes' accessibility. Jacobs has put out an array of things that I can see being worn by women of practically any age and style - most of these pieces seem up for anything, and the kinds of things that wearers can easily make their own. The laid-back styling really works for this reason, and acts almost as a blank canvas for buyers. On a negative note, it's a shame that the second half was a bit gaudy; there were definitely some mistakes there.

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