Friday, April 2, 2010

greetings from canakkale!

Due to being Travel Girl at the moment, I have little to no time to look at nor share pretty things over the internet. Right now I'm in a beautiful hotel in Eceabat, Canakkale (Turkey) after about about a week in this amazing country (so far I've been to Istanbul and Cappadocia) and about a week to go before Europe. However I do have uni work to do before getting back home (a big assignment is due the day I get on a plane back to Australia; god teachers are horrible) so hopefully I can procrastinate by blogging to some extent!

Also: in this Photobooth photo (note: it took me about ten minutes to get a half decent photo since the sun was so bright and we were about to leave the hotel in Goreme so I was rushing, not to mention the hotel owners thought I was insane wandering around the terrace with my laptop posing every few minutes) I'm wearing my Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony "giraffe print" furry sweater which cost me an absolute fortune and was worth every penny. First time wearing it today and it kept me very warm and shed absolutely everywhere so I've left a beautiful trail of orange and black fur from Istanbul all the way here. You can't really make out the gorgeous backdrop of the photo - 'fairy chimney' rock formations, or so they're called - but they're incredible and I have about fifty photos of them on my SLR which I'll update with when I get home. Turkey really is one of the most amazing places I've been to. I easily identify with the European side of things here but there's another flavour that is so different and special. I can't wait to explore a bit more and buy a few dozen more unnecessary trinkets and bags and carpets and cushion covers and and and ...


  1. Come home now! Okay, don't, but stay safe and don't piss too many people off.

  2. Ah, I would really like that Chloe Sevigny cardigan oh-so-much.